Ute Indian Tribe


Desolation Canyon still remains closed to non-members for any recreation, hiking, or camping. Any trespassers will be subject to fines and possible impoundment and/or confiscation of property.

If you have any questions, please contact the Fish and Wildlife Department.



Attention anglers; to purchase an online fishing permit you will need to add the conservation stamp for annual fishing permits. If you are purchasing a daily permit you do not need to add the conservation stamp.

If you have purchased a permit in the past you should be in the system. If you need help with login information, please call the Ute Tribe Fish and Wildlife Office at 435-722-5511.

Please do not forget to print your license when purchasing online. As per the proclamation, A. General Regulations 13. Permits: No person shall engage in any activity on Tribal Trust Lands, unless said person has a valid permit to perform such activity in his/her immediate possession. Failure to possess the proper tribal permit(s) shall constitute trespass.

To purchase a  permit online click here.


Map of Fishing & Camping Areas