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Ute News for the Week of November 22, 2021

Good Morning Ute Country!



November 24 & 25, 2021. Tribal Operations will be closed during this time. Those that work a 5-day work schedule normal working hours will resume on Friday November 26, 2021.



Would like to encourage the following due to the increase cases of COVID-19:

Continue wearing face masks, continue to wash and sanitize your hands, and stay at home as much as possible.

If you are not vaccinated, please wear the face mask, continue sanitizing your hands and consider getting vaccinated.

This virus isn’t going anywhere, please be safe.

The Ute Tribe Business Committee would like to see our membership COVID-19 free. Thank you for your cooperation! Stay Safe, and stay Ute Proud…Ute Indian Tribe Business Committee.



- Reminder Ordinance 13-014 dated March 27, 2013. Banning Pit-Bull Terriers and Japanese Akitas from the Lands of the Uintah and Ouray Reservation. The Business Committee has concluded that banning these inherently vicious animals is the proper action to take to protect the health and welfare of the Tribe and its members and agents. Animal control officer who has probable cause to believe a vicious dog shall have the authority to take possession of the dog in the name of the Tribe. Penalties associated with fines & costs or destructions of dog will be implemented. You may view the full ordinance in the Ute Bulletin Paper. For any question you may contact Fish & Wildlife @ 435-722-5511

- 2nd round of pheasants has been released along the Duchesne and Uintah River corridors. Upland Game Licenses can be picked up at the Ute Tribe Fish and Wildlife Office or Ute Plaza for non-tribal members. 

- As stated there may be some confusion on the general deer exterior boundary permit. The season dates are listed on the top and extended archery is the only date that goes until November 30, 2021.  This is an archery hunt meaning you must hunt with approved archery equipment.  Please refer to the Utah Hunting Regulations for the areas open to the extended archery season.  Any legal weapon deer season ended on October 31, 2021 for the exterior boundary permits.  Please do not hunt outside season dates or with the wrong weapon as it is against regulations. Happy Hunting!



The Emergency Employment Program is in full operation. If you are interested in participating in the Emergency Employment program contact Lena Duncan, Assistant Human Resources Director at 435.722.5141.



Community Health Representatives Area Rotation November 8 – 19, 2021:

Rotation: Randlett, Sunshine Acres, Gusher, Lapoint, Tridell, La Mesa, Foothill Apartments, Hilltop, Richardsons, Whiterocks, Yellowstone, and Senior Apartments. CHR Darci Lira #435-828-2354.

Rotation: Roosevelt, Myton, Bridgeland, Altamont, Arcadia, Neola, Vernal, Alterra, Coonsville, and Indian Bench. CHR Jaclyn Redfoot #435-823-2311.



There will be No Covid Community Clinic this week of Thanksgiving.



Hay Sales on Tuesday & Friday Only. No Exceptions! First cut only. Alfalfa and Grass Hay $45.00 per bale. Average weight 3 Bales per 1 ton. Tribal members are limited to 18 bales per month no semi loads no holds no exceptions. Tribal member must be present of time of sale and have valid Tribal I.D No Exceptions. If you have any questions, please call the office @ 435-722-3136 or Clark Jones @ 435-823-7433



Gym will be closed for Thanksgiving Holiday Wednesday November 24th & Thursday November 25th. The Gym will be open on Friday, November 26th 9am – 5pm.

Only those that have been fully vaccinated will be allowed in the gym. You will need to fill out a form and a Painted Horse staff member has to sign off that they have seen your vaccine card.  Everyone will need to go through equipment orientation with Jenny or Vodne so you know how to use the equipment properly. Once you have gone through orientation and have filled out the form, you are welcome to use the gym. For more information, contact 435-725-4911.



Seniors department is accepting new heating applications and the Elder Intake forms for the Year 2021-2022, Please complete this simple form so we may be able to better serve your needs.

With the weather getting cooler please look at your propane tanks and see what percentage you have left, so we can let the company know how much is in your tank.

Continue with placing coolers by your door for the meal delivery person, after Thursday clean out and sanitize your cooler some coolers have water from the rain or dust from the wind.

Our Indian Health Service Nurse Practioner is available for home visits: Tabbath Darby 435-401-0296 Leave a message if no answer.

- Our Outreach/drivers are all available to transport from 8:30 am to 10:00am and then afternoon from 1:30 pm to 4:00pm

David Sorenson (435) 725-4289

Doylene Cesspooch (435)725-4288

Fabian Jenks (435)725-4284

Leomy Atwine (435) 725-4282

We encourage you to continue to call our kitchen staff Leonard Thompson or Maria Jenks and Debra Penningjack for meal cancellation or for any questions regarding menu – (435)725-4295



Applications are now available. You will need…

  • Identification: Tribal ID or Driver’s license
  • Copy of utility bill (electric, gas, propane, name/address of the provider & account number
  • Social Security card (s) for entire household (for eligibility)
  • Proof of income for all adults employed in the household (most recent last two paycheck stubs)
  • Social Security, SSI (disability), Veterans Benefits, Food Stamps (Copy of check/bank statements and/or documentation of funds)
  • Birth Certificate for children 0 to 5 years old ONLY!

For any questions contact Liheap @ 725-4878 or 725-4023




All Ute Tribe water users please contact the Water department to update your telephone contact information. The “Emergency Alert Notification System” is up and operating. If you do not yet receive critical information and water notifications, please call Spring at 435.725.7088 or Jenna at 435.725.4922 to update your information.



- Is seeking donations to start the supply closet. They are starting this pantry in response to the increasing need we have seen in our communities. We are seeking donations items that are new and or unopened nonperishable food items, hats, gloves, scarves, coats, feminine products, socks, hygiene products (tooth brush, tooth paste, etc.) Laundry Detergent, softener, soap, body, hand, shampoo.

- UIT Higher Education is NOW accepting Tribal & BIA Scholarship applications. Applications are due November 30, 2021. Spring 2022 Applications are available online at www.utetribeeducation.org



-Free Development Evaluation for children, birth to 33 months old. Evaluation testing includes:

Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Self Help, Social-Emotional Skills, Receptive & Expressive Language, and Hearing & Vision Screening

- Also PrimeTime 4 Kids is looking for a part-time Receptionist/Activities Coordinator located at our Little Blossom Center in Ft. Duchesne. For more information please call: (435) 722-5654 Office Hours: Monday–Thursday, from 8:00 am–4:00 pm


- Wellbriety “Mending Broken Hearts” Native American Grief Recovery Meeting. Meeting times: Every Wednesday 10am – 11:30am. Call Rebecka McNeil to sign up @ 435-725-2868

- Building Healthy Boundaries Group all are welcome every Tuesday from 3 to 4 pm. All classes are held on the Zoom platform. To sign up contact UIT A/SAPP @ 435-722-3234

- 6-week Anger Management Class Every Wednesday from 3:00 to 4:30pm. All classes are held on the Zoom platform.

- Stepping Stones A.A. 12 Step Recovery Meeting Discussion Thursday’s at 12pm noon on zoom. For more information on how to get started with Anger Management Class’s or Stepping Stones A.A. 12 Step Recovery contact Adam Twiss @ 435-823-0837.




- GIS Coordinator

Adult Court

- Public Defender

Adult Probation

- Adult Probation Officer

Uintah River High School

- Special Education Aide

Natural Resource

- Manager

- Assistant Manager

Social Service

- Guardian Ad Litem

- Director

Head Start

- Cook

- Maintenance Supervisor

- Bus Driver

Senior Citizens

- Home Health Aide

- Secretary

- Outreach Manager

Red Pine

- Cook

- Male House Manager

- Female House Manager


- Attendance Tracker

- Family Education Liaison

Fish & Wildlife Big Game Enhancement

-         Range Tech / Bison

Fish & Wildlife

-         Conservation Officer


-         Assistant Switchboard Operator

-         Receptionist

Building Inspection

-         Building Inspector

Water Systems

-         Coordinator


-         Security Officer

Energy & Minerals

-         Oil & Gas Specialist

BIA / OJS Law Enforcement

-         School Resource Officer

-         Public Safety Dispatch

Water Rights Commission

-         Tribal Water Resource Director

Alcohol/Substance Abuse Prevention Program

-         Operation Assistant

-         Licensed Clinician

Utero Commission

-         Receptionist


-         Coordinator

-         Laborer

-         Whiterocks Laundromat


-         Community Health Rep.

Building Rehab

-         Plumber


-         Community Worker

Ute Energy

-         Water Transfer Tech



Ute Enterprise, LLC

- Chief Financial Officer

- Director

- Bison Manager

- Bison Assistant Manager

Ute Plaza

- Cashier

- Produce Worker

- Meat Cutter


- Lead Mechanic

- Diesel Mechanic

- Shop Hand

- Wash Hand

Fort Duchesne Ute Petroleum

- Lead Cashier

- Krispy Crunchy Chicken Worker

Myton Ute Petroleum

- Cashier

Ute Crossing Grill

- Server

- Cashier / Hostess

- Prep Cook

- Dish Washer / Busser

- Line Cook

For more information, contact: The Human Resource Office @ (435-725-4017)



The next Bulletin Deadline: Monday December 6, 2021. Bulletin will be out: Wednesday December 15, 2021. Please submit your articles and photos to Ute Bulletin Office to, reginaa@utetribe.com,



Daily business for the Ute Bulletin/Public Relations department is conducted via email or the office’s drop box located in front of the building as a COVID-19 precaution. Please submit your Radio News to Ute Bulletin/Public Relations Department by noon (12:00 pm) Monday. Email information to heidib@utetribe.com or reginaa@utetribe.com

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