Ute Indian Tribe

September 9th, 2019

Good Morning, Friends and Relatives.


~Ute Indian Tribe Fall Fest 2019. They would like to welcome all Tribal Departments that would like to participate in this year’s event it will be held Saturday October 12, 2019.


~Indoor Soccer League Sign Up’s. Ages 5 to 8. Deadline is September 18th, 2019.

~Due to construction at the baseball field area were football practices are currently taking place, parents please be advised to keep an eye on children to not play in the areas marked off, They will not be held responsible if any injuries or accidents occur in said area. Thank you for your cooperation lets work together to keep each other safe.

For more information contact: Kermit or call Recreation Dept. @ 722-2249.


Miss Uintah River Pageant applications for 2019-2020 are available with Kea or Kameron at the Uintah River High School. The pageant will be located at Uintah River High School Commons Area November 7th 2019 @ 3:45 PM-5.00 PM. Requirements must be:

*Tribally enrolled or a descendant of an enrolled member

*GPA 2.5 or Higher

*90% Attendance

*Must be enrolled with the school they are vying for (9th grade thru 11th grade)

Deadline is October 31st at 4:30pm for more information contact: Kea @ 725-4268 or Kameron @ 725-4074


Wellbriety “Mending Broken Hearts” Native American Grief Recovery Meeting will be held every Tuesday | 6 – 7:30 pm @ the UIT Alcohol/Substance Abuse Prevention Program Building

550 S 6777 E Fort Duchesne


Are seeking Native American dancers & royalty from the community and surroundings schools to participate in the Uintah High Schools homecoming half time performance. Rehearsal sessions begin Tuesday Sep.10th and Thursday Sep.12th @ 6:30 pm at the Vernal Uintah High School football field, Homecoming half time performance is set for September 13th 2019. If you are interested in participating you can contact: Brandie Jenks @ (435)781-3110 Ext. 2627 Or Melissa Taveapont @ (435)781-3110 Ext. 2625.


Ute Tribe Senior Grant Meals & Grant Transportations for 2019-2020:

The Ute Senior Center meal service is a regular nutritional meal program that is beneficial for tribal member’s ages 55 years old & over whom live within the service area. Meal service is from 11:30 am, to 12:30 pm. Monday thru Thursday, except holidays or tribal events.

All Transportation has to be scheduled in advance with a correct cell or contact number.

Ute Tribe /Senior Caregiver Support for 2019-2020:

We will be offering classes or events in coordination with other tribal programs. Respite care for tribal seniors during these times at the Ute Senior Center from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday-Thursday.

The Utah Food Bank has reached out to the Ute Senior Program:

If enough interest in this program it could start in September 2019.

*REMINDER: The Ute Senior WINTER HEATING program funding starts October 2019 to February 2020.


Started on August 20th, 2019. All Students who utilize the Ute Tribe Public Transit system to school, will no longer pay a bus fare. The students will have a Special Bus Pass which waives the fee for boarding the bus to and from school.

For any more information contact: Ute Tribe Transit Office @ (435)725-4924 or (435)823-8880


Water Settlement is having a Hay Sale Tuesdays and Fridays, NO EXCEPTIONS!

The Hay will go as follows: $30.00 a bale for 1st crop. $45.00 a bale for 2nd & 3rd crop. 6 Tons per month. 3 Tons at a time for Tribal Members NO SEMI LOADS. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions please call the office @ (435) 722-3136, or Marcus Colorow @ (435) 823-7313.


To the Ute People Please accept an invitation from your friends of Meeker Colorado to the dedication and celebration of Mr. Joe Sullivan. Agenda for Milk Creek Memorial and dedication. All Tribal Chairmen and respective members of their Tribal Business Committees of the Great Ute Nation are welcome to be part of the program. This is extended to Ute Tribal Royalties, Ute Tribal Warriors, Native American School Queens/Princesses, those families that are descendants of the Great Battle of Milk Creek, and any Ute Tribal Members if Uintah and Ouray Agency, Southern Ute Tribe, Ute Mountain Ute and White Mesa. We would be honored and proud of your attendance for 140th anniversary September 28th, 2019 @ the Milk Creek Battlefield Park. Starts at 11:30 AM Closing Ceremony at 3:30 PM.

Any questions please contact Joy or Jonas Grant- Bullethead Sr. 


Adult Probation & Parole Sobriety Run. Saturday Sep.14th 2019 kick stand up will be at 9:00am @ the Ute Plaza Supermarket. *Single Riders $30.00 & Double Riders $40.00. fee includes tee-shirt luncheon, Dice Hand and Poker Hand. Bikers you will need to pre-register to guarantee a tee-shirt register with Tomasita @ (435)725-4895 or Sweetwater (435)823-4052.

Deadline is August 22, 2019. For more information contact: Tahnee Myesha Pegaroose @ 722-2012 or 725-4206


How to participate: Find a tribal area within the U&O Reservation that needs trash picked up. (Home, park, 49 spot, etc..)

Take Before & After pictures of the area including you or your group, you can send them to iktomi.favel@utetribe.com

~Email must include Names of participants, the location (address including community) & why you picked that spot. When using social media hashtag #beaUTEifyOurCommunities #trashchallenge.

For any more questions contact: Iktomi Favel @ iktomi.favel@utetribe.com or (435)724-4805


~Are having a Glow Fun Run/Walk Wednesday September 25th 8 pm @ the Painted Horse           Building.

~They are also starting a Walking Club Challenge. September 1st through December 31st 2019.

~Swimming Dates @ the Vernal Recreation Center Thursday September 12th, Wednesday October 9th, Tuesday November 12th 2019. 6 PM - 8 PM.


Natural Resource – Seasonal Biological Technician & Botanist

Prosecution – Tribal Prosecutor

Social Service – Attorney

Adult Court – Associate Judge

Red Pine – Female House Manager/Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor – Traditional & Substance Use Disorder Counselor

Social Service – Guardian

Building Inspector – Building Inspector

Juvenile Court – Judge

CHR – Community Health Rep.

Fish & Wildlife – Hatchery Manager

Natural Resources – Assistant Director/GIS

Environmental Health – Sanitation Driver

BIA Law Enforcement – Tribal Dispatch & Tribal Police Officer

Loans Department – (3) Panel Committee

Head Start – Lead Teacher/Assistant Teacher /Bus Driver/Family Advocate & Maintenance Supervisor

Education – (3) positions - JOM Tutor/Mentor/Secondary Health/Physical Education Teacher & Bus Driver

Emergency Management – Laborer

Motor Pool – Transit Bus Driver

Water System – Assistant Director

Fish & Wildlife Big Game Enhancement – Wildlife Tech

For more information contact: the Human Resource Office @ 725-4017


The next Bulletin Deadline: Monday 23, 2019

Bulletin will be out: September 30th, 2019

Please submit your articles and photos to Ute Bulletin Office to, reginam@utetribe.com, or charlotten@utetribe.com.

*NOTICE: Regarding Ute Bulletin Submissions:

When submitting information, photo or flyers, please submit in the format of a word document, submit photos in the form of jpeg, and submit flyers in the form of Adobe PDF or send the original digital creation. This will ensure that submission can remain in good quality when printed.


Please submit your Radio News to Ute Bulletin/Public Relation Department by noon (12:00 pm)

On Mondays, email information to jacquelinea@utetribe.com or reginam@utetribe.com

If you missed any portion of this program, you can view the Ute News at www.utetribe.com , or stop by the office and pick up a copy of the Ute News.